Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX Hardware Installation Yeastar S300

Install Telephony Module

Yeastar S300 V1.0/V2.0/V3.0Yeastar S300 V4.0
EX08 Expansion BoardMax. 3Max. 2
EX30 Expansion BoardMax. 3Max. 2
Telephony ModuleMax. 12Max. 8
D30 ModuleMax. 2Max. 2

The optional telephony modules are as below:

S2 ModuleO2 ModuleB2 ModuleSO Module
GSM Module3G Module4G Module

Note: Before installing the module, check if the module is clean and intact.

  1. Loosen the screws at the bottom of the device and remove the upper cover.
  2. Push out the empty board from the inside of the device.
  3. Push in the Expansion Board (EX08 or EX30).
  4. Lock the screws to fix the Expansion Board.
  5. Insert the Telephony Modules on the EX08 Board.Note: Skip this step for EX30 Board.
  6. Follow the instructions to insert a SIM card on the GSM/3G/4G module.Note: Skip this step if no GSM/3G/4G module is installed.
  7. Close the cover and fix the screws.
  8. Rotate the antenna into the Antenna Socket.Note: Skip this step if no GSM/3G/4G module installed.

Install DSP Module

  1. Open the device upper cover and insert the DSP module (D30) into the D-Slot from a tilt angle and then press it down.
  2. Lock the screws to fix the D30 module board.

Desktop Installation


  • Set 5~10cm gaps around the device for air circulation.
  • Avoid any heavy thing placed on the device.
  1. Place the PBX on a steady platform.
  2. Remove the adhesive backing paper from the rubber feet.
  3. Turn over the device and attach the supplied rubber feet to the recessed areas on the bottom at each corner of the device.

Rack Installation


  • Be careful not to drop any components. Dropping components may damage them or cause an injury.
  • Only use the 19-inch rack mounting kits (attached bracket and fittings) included with the PBX.
  1. Fix the brackets to the left and right sides of the PBX with 4 screws.
  2. Place the PBX in the 19-inch rack and fix both brackets to the rack with the rack’s proprietary mounting equipment.

Ground Connection


  • Proper grounding (connection to ground) is very important to reduce the risk of electrocution to the user or protect the PBX from the bad effects of external noise in the case of a lightning strike.
  • A permanent connection between ground and the ground terminal of the PBX must be made.
  1. Tighten the provided screw stud into the Grounding port on PBX.
  2. Insert an 18AWG grounding wire (user supplied).
  3. Tighten the provided screw nut.
  4. Attach the grounding wire to the grounding terminal.