Yeastar Announces New P-SERIES PBX System

Yeastar has announced its newest and “best-ever” PBX lineup for SME businesses: The P-Series PBX System. This latest generation PBX switching platform from Yeastar joins a robust product portfolio alongside the estimable S-Series VoIP PBX. The P-Series PBX System targets customers with even higher expectations of a sophisticated communication system than the well-equipped S-Series. Eastern Management Group analysts – yes, we have PBX engineering backgrounds – examined the new P-Series PBX product suite. Our bottom line is the P-Series is the right solution for the SME market: one-to-500 employees. There’s quite a significant opportunity for Yeastar’s PBX – a premises PBX – which I’ll get to in a moment. Over 14 years, Yeastar has built a solid record in the SME marketplace and a base of 200,000 PBX customers worldwide. Yeastar’s product-line encompasses premises and cloud PBX solutions. Sales are through a partner channel to customers in more than 100 countries. What the World Needs Now Are Premises PBXsFor a decade, IT managers have been swarmed with UCaaS talk while premises PBX looked on, but here is why Yeastar’s P-Series is a significant premises development. Premises PBXs dominate the business telephone systems market; that’s right, dominates. In the Eastern Management Group report, “Worldwide Hosted PBX Market 2020-2027,” premises PBXs encompass 42% of all 2020 PBX sales, well ahead of UCaaS. Our research shows about 90% of new PBX systems have 500 or fewer seats – precisely where the P-System plays. Premises PBX sales for 2020 represent 40% of all PBXs bought worldwide by customers with fewer than 25 users, 43% from one-to-300 users, and 47% between 300-500 users. Yeastar’s P-Series covers everything from small up to 500 users. Yeastar P-Series PBX SystemThe P-Series equips the SME with necessary productivity tools generally reserved for enterprises. The PBX system is made-to-order for businesses progressing through a digital transformation, including work-from-home and work-from-anywhere. The P-Series is all singing-and-dancing. It converges voice, mobility, collaboration, presence, and instant messaging for file sharing – so users can contextualize communications. The PBX offers customers an inbound call center solution with advanced call center features. UC applications are all there, and the system performs across mobile devices, desktops, and browsers. The P-Series can integrate third-party communication resources, including IP Phones, CRM, and collaboration tools. Yeastar Linkus UC clients allow P-Series PBX users to easily access a full suite of calling, conference, voicemail, presence, enterprise contacts, and collaboration from a single interface using mobile phones, desktops, and web browsers. Employees stay connected with colleagues and customers where, when, and however they prefer. Yeastar’s productivity-improvement features are more than “nice-to-haves.” Eastern Management Group surveys show 40% of IT managers acquire a new phone system to get needed productivity-improving features. I expect many will turn to the P-Series for these applications. Different Shapes and SizesThe P-Series comes in three versions. The model P550 has 50 users, the P560, 100-200 users, and the P570, 300-500 users. In 2021, customers can expect general availability for a soft local version of the P-Series PBX for installation on the customer’s server, as well as a cloud-based version. Web Meeting will be available in the next three months. CRM integration, WebRTC call, and computer-telephony integration are on the roadmap. Yeastar offers two P-Series plans: basic and enterprise: Basic Plan – This comes with about 60 built-in features across four categories:

  • Business features (e.g., call recording, fax to email)
  • Telephony features (e.g., DID, conference rooms)
  • Administration & Security
  • Unified Communications (e.g., Linkus Mobile Client, Linkus web client, audio conferencing)

Enterprise Plan – Customers also get:

  • Call center (e.g., queue panel, SLA rule notification, real-time metrics wallboard)
  • Linkus Cloud Service (e.g., for work-from-home, private and secure tunnel)

Two Eastern Management Group AwardsIn the Eastern Management Group “2020 SME Premises and Hosted PBX Customer Satisfaction Study,” Yeastar received two awards. Our customer study of 4,000 IT managers selected Yeastar as number one for “Best Value” and “Best Purchase Experience” out of 33 premises and cloud PBX providers evaluated. The best value represents forward-looking premises and cloud PBX products, as well as support for the right price. Meanwhile, the best purchase experience measures the customer buying journey from the initial sales call to system implementation and first invoice. Eastern Management Group customer satisfaction surveys, evaluate hosted and premises PBX providers in 12 customer satisfaction measurements. In the 2020 SME study, Yeastar beat the industry average in every category. AnalysisI know a fair amount about PBXs. I began engineering and selling them right out of college. Given my experience, the Yeastar P-Series PBX is a versatile product tailored to the world in which we live. It’s a robust platform for the office and perfect for employees that work-from-home. Yeastar’s new introduction is the very definition of best that customer satisfaction represents.

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