Unable to Make Outbound or Inbound Calls through SIP Trunk – ACL Strategy on Provider Side


Problem Description

User was not able to make outbound or inbound calls through SIP trunk.


In PCAP file for a test outgoing call, pbx has sent INVITE to SIP provider but it didn’t reply any message to PBX, in this case it’s better to check with the provider.


In PCAP file for a test incoming call, there is no any INVITE sent from provider to PBX. So we could highly suspect the provider’s issue.


As per updates from provider, for outbound calls they need to add public ip of pbx to their access list (ACL) then you will be able to make outbound calls.

For incoming calls, it has to come from different trunk with another IP address and provider provided the IP address to create a new Peer-type trunk then put it in inbound route so call came successfully at last.

Below pcap file was for a successful outbound call after provider added public ip of pbx to their ACL.


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