Navigating the Yeastar P-Series IP PBX: Models P550, P560, and P570

Yeastar P-Series IP PBX: Models P550, P560, and P570

In the ever-evolving world of business communications, IP PBX systems have become pivotal for efficient and flexible operations. Yeastar, a renowned name in the industry, offers the P-Series IP PBX models: P550, P560, and P570. These models cater to different business sizes and requirements, boasting a range of features that streamline communication processes. This post delves into each model’s description, features, and specifications.

Yeastar P550 P-Series IP PBX

Description: The Yeastar P550 is designed for small to medium-sized businesses, offering a robust solution for managing voice communications. It integrates seamlessly with various IP phones and supports a mix of VoIP and traditional phone lines.


  • Unified Communications: Supports voice, video, applications, and collaboration tools.
  • Easy Configuration: User-friendly web interface for easy setup and management.
  • Scalability: Can easily accommodate the growing needs of a business.


  • Users: Supports up to 50 users.
  • Concurrent Calls: Allows up to 25 simultaneous calls.
  • VoIP Trunks: Supports 20.
  • Call Recording: Built-in capability for call logging and recording.
  • Interfaces: Includes LAN, WAN, and traditional telephony interfaces.

Yeastar P560 P-Series IP PBX

Description: The P560 is a step up from the P550 and is tailored for medium-sized businesses. It offers enhanced performance and supports more users and simultaneous calls, making it suitable for businesses experiencing growth.


  • Advanced Call Handling: Efficient call routing, queuing, and distribution.
  • Collaboration Tools: Integrated video conferencing and instant messaging.
  • Security: Enhanced security features to protect business communications.


  • Users: Supports up to 100 users.
  • Concurrent Calls: Up to 30 simultaneous calls.
  • VoIP Trunks: Supports 30.
  • Call Recording: Advanced call recording features.
  • Interfaces: Multiple LAN/WAN ports, FXS/FXO ports, and E1/T1/PRI support.

Yeastar P570 P-Series IP PBX

Description: The P570 is the most advanced model in this series, catering to larger enterprises. It provides extensive functionality and supports a high number of users and concurrent calls, suitable for complex communication needs.


  • High Capacity: Ideal for large businesses with high call volumes.
  • Robust Performance: High-performance hardware for seamless communication.
  • Extensive Integration: Integrates with CRM systems, third-party applications, and more.


  • Users: Supports up to 200 users.
  • Concurrent Calls: Handles up to 60 simultaneous calls.
  • VoIP Trunks: Supports 40.
  • Call Recording: Extensive recording capabilities.
  • Interfaces: Comprehensive connectivity options, including digital telephony support.


The Yeastar P-Series IP PBX models — P550, P560, and P570 — offer versatile, scalable, and feature-rich solutions for businesses of various sizes. They provide a blend of traditional and modern telephony, ensuring that businesses have the tools they need to communicate effectively. Whether you run a small startup or a large enterprise, there’s a Yeastar P-Series model that can meet your communication needs.

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