Discover the Power of Yeastar VoIP Gateways: The Perfect Telecommunication Solution for Your Business

Yeastar, a renowned leader in the VoIP industry, offers a range of VoIP gateways that cater to various business needs, ensuring efficient and seamless communication. Yeastar Shop Kenya proudly presents the TG Series VoIP Gateways, including the TG100, TG200, TG400, and TG800 models. Let’s explore how each of these gateways can transform your business communications.

1. Yeastar TG100 Gateway

The Yeastar TG100 is a robust entry-level VoIP gateway that provides a single port solution for integrating GSM networks with VoIP. It’s an ideal choice for small businesses or remote offices looking to bridge a single GSM network with their VoIP system. With the TG100, you can take advantage of cost-effective mobile rates and maintain constant connectivity even if your landline system fails.

2. Yeastar TG200 2 Ports GSM VoIP Gateway

Scaling up from the TG100, the Yeastar TG200 offers two ports, allowing for dual GSM network integration. This model is perfect for businesses that require a bit more flexibility in managing calls or need backup options for their primary communication lines. The TG200 helps reduce telephone costs by routing calls through the most cost-effective paths and provides seamless fallback options.

3. Yeastar TG400 4 Ports GSM VoIP Gateway

For medium-sized businesses, the Yeastar TG400 offers four ports and enables larger-scale integration of GSM networks with your VoIP systems. This gateway supports up to four SIM cards and is capable of handling a higher volume of calls, making it suitable for call centers, hotels, and enterprises with moderate call traffic. It ensures excellent call quality and reliability, all while optimizing communication costs.

4. Yeastar TG800 8 Ports GSM VoIP Gateway

The Yeastar TG800 is the powerhouse among the TG series, with eight ports for GSM network integration. Designed for businesses with high call volumes, such as large call centers or companies with extensive sales teams, the TG800 provides significant flexibility and scalability. It supports eight SIM cards and offers advanced features like VoIP to GSM and GSM to VoIP call routing, SMS capabilities, and network failover functions.

Why Choose Yeastar VoIP Gateways?

Cost Efficiency: By integrating GSM networks into your VoIP system, you can significantly reduce call costs, especially on international calls. Yeastar gateways select the least costly routes automatically.

Scalability: Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, there is a Yeastar gateway model that fits your needs. You can start with a single port and scale up to eight ports as your business grows.

Reliability: Yeastar is known for its robust build quality and reliable performance. These gateways ensure that your business communications are always running, even during network outages.

Easy Integration: Yeastar gateways are compatible with a wide range of IP-PBX systems and VoIP platforms, making integration smooth and straightforward.


Investing in a Yeastar VoIP Gateway through Yeastar Shop Kenya provides not just a communication solution but a strategic asset that enhances your business’s operational efficiency. Whether you choose the TG100, TG200, TG400, or TG800, you are equipped with a tool that ensures connectivity, reduces costs, and scales with your growth. Embrace the future of communication today with Yeastar!

For more information or to make a purchase, visit Yeastar Shop Kenya, where our experts are ready to assist you in finding the perfect telecommunications solutions for your business needs.

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